If there is one thing that pisses me off is the Nairobi weather. Its so confused, actually more  confused 
than a girl on her periods, did I have to use that comparison?  Pardon me, I just did.

Awkward comparisons  reminds me of my computer   programming classes. We had this particular
lecturer, who  instead of giving us an algorithm  of creating  a particular program , would give us a
procedure of preparing porridge, ugali or even getting your way from one point of the school to
another. So for the first few weeks of the semester he was my best lecturer , coz he only taught of
porridge ,ugali, githeri and  as a girl, my mind  would automatically switch to that kitchen mood ,but  my
worst moment with ugalis and githeris came when I was in the exam room.
I was seated so confident and comfortably at the most front seat, I went through the paper so quickly, 
hoping to find a question asking me how to prepare some delicious githeri, You should  have seen the
look on my  face when I spotted no question of that sought, I was so washed out, broken and felt
betrayed by my “ugali” lecturer or was it the paper?!? I don’t know.
The disappointment  written on my face that day  is the same  look that Nairobi weather puts on my
face each time my day ends. Imagine you wake up each morning the sun shining so bright and then you
decide, Uh huh!, why not rock some short light dress? So you get out of the house feeling  light ,ready
and prepared for the day.
You know how school life is, we minimize the luggage as much as possible, so  its just a notebook and a
pen in some small slim bag. You then head for school.
We exchange smiles  with those who understood what the weather demanded for that day, and those
who dressed like they are headed for some mountain climbing mission are greeted with some long
faces, pcheew!
We then head to the first lesson and sweet enough  we are on the same page with lecturer, he too
seemed to have understood Mr. Weather.


The class continues for a while , and I have never known why boredom comes with increased
temperatures, so we end up opening the windows and the mountain climbing guys have to chuck their
coats ,and its our turn  for we who  understood the weather  to put on some sarcastic smiles.

The first two classes goes on well, it gets to lunch time, and who wouldn’t love some githeri moment, so
off we rush for lunch. And as we walk majestically on the pavements, and hopefully you have seen how
nicely dressed campus girls walk; the clouds suddenly  seemed to have conspired against “Us”. It begins
to pour, we not at the hotel yet, but  we can’t go back halfway ,we run in the rain. We get soaked and by
the time we get to the hotel  we look like a  bathtub -shower of some kind.

What do you do at that moment?
This is how “we” do it, we act dry. We order the githeri, seat comfortably, and act like nothing really happened, but deep within us, we are so humiliated at  ourselves, the  weather  and ironically  the
mountain climbing guys for not even lending us one of their coats.

You know what makes it worse, there are two more lessons before the “sunny” day ends. You feel like
rushing to your place to  change but its fifty shillings away, and for a student, that will completely alter your weekly budget, so you  just left with the  option of dancing to that irritating tune.

I want you to get this, in the morning, we were at the front row of the class, but after lunch and after that nasty experience we have to fill the back benches our ego shoveled . This is just enough to ruin your day , you have no umbrella, no coat, no waterproof shoe and you have to find your way to your place that evening.

Nairobi weather till date remains a mystery to me and to many too but I must admit I have had the
worst moments with this weather. It has a way of getting to my nerves and spoiling my day.

So to be safe, we have to get a bigger bag, put all the unnecessary luggage the weather may demand us to have on.

It has  taught me a lesson , that whenever  you can`t fight something superior and  beyond you, you have to yield and lay low for a while. Time has a way of putting everything in place and I seriously hope
the weather will act a bit friendly sometime in the future.



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